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Introduction – Overview

Learn about the fastest rising trend in education across North America today – Personalized Learning. In this course learners will explore the roots and applications of Personalized Learning (PL), gain insights into what works most effectively in PL, and how it works, and develop approaches for applying PL in their professional settings.

Program Goal

The Personalized Learning certificate will provide learners with a foundation of understanding for Personalized Learning in their educational and/or coaching practices.

Who will benefit most from this certificate course?

The ideal learner for this course is an educator, administrator or coach wishing to learn more about personalized learning in their professional practice.

The Lessons

The lessons are shared as a series of conversations with the participants. Each session will be offered as a video conference on Zoom and will provide you with basic information on the topic, readings for further research, and address your individual needs within the field.

 Learning Outcomes

This certificate course is designed to provide learners the following knowledge and skills:

  • better understand the history and context for Personalized Learning as it is being implemented in educational settings across North America
  • deepen their understanding of, and praxis with, practical tenets of Personalized Learning
  • deepen their knowledge and interpretation of Learner Profiles and Personalized Learning Plans
  • deepen their knowledge and interpretation of personalized learning assessment
  • design Personalized Learning experiences and environments for learners / students of varying backgrounds
  • develop a plan for Personalized Learning in their educational or coaching setting

Program Duration

10.5 hours total, for one of the options below:

  1. Option 1 (synchronous, online meetings using Zoom software): Online Workshop (Saturday [4.5 hours], Sunday [4.5 hours], weeknight summation [1.5 hours])
    • First Session: Saturday November 10th 11:00 am – 3:30 pm PST
    • Second Session: Wednesday Novermber 14th 5-7pm PST
    • Third Session: Sunday November 18th 11:00 am-3:30pm PST
  2. Option 2: Self-Paced (asynchronous)

Assignments and Assessment

To qualify and receive a course certificate students must complete the following:

  • reflection journal, including self-assessment addressing personal and professional reflection, plus answers to questions posed by instructor
  • submit development plan (final learning outcome)

Cost of Certificate Course

$219 if registered before October 31, 2018
$249 after October 31

Course Leaders

Michael Maser — Michael is a 30-year, award-winning educator whose praxis has been almost entirely focused on personalizing learning in various schools in British Columbia, Canada.
Kandi Horton — Kandi is an award-winning educator based in Wisconsin, where she has initiated various personalized learning initiatives in her district.


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renee poindexter

Michael Maser, Mentor

Michael has been an innovative educator for 25+ years. He is a co-founder of both SelfDesign Learning Community (2002) and Virtual High Learning Community (1993). In 2007 Michael launched Surpass leadership program for teens. He is a passionate advocate and pioneer in the field of holistic, personalized learning and he has worked with, and continues to work with learners of all ages. Michael’s book, Learn Your Way! SelfDesigning the Life You Really Want, Starting Now (2011) is a recommended health and career planning text in BC schools. In 2006 he received a Prime Minister’s award from the Canadian federal government. In 2015 Michael also launched Choose News, a national advocacy project to reduce violent content of TV and radio news. Michael has long been a professional writer and journalist, and he is a former geologist. Michael lives in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada.

Main Interests

Personalized holistic learning, SelfDesigning, neurobiology of learning, ‘Personal Ecolography’, self-responsible learning, parenting, natural history and science, environmental sustainability, writing & journalism, music, Makers-DIY-Gaming movements.