Certificate Programs

The SelfDesign Foundation offers Certificate Programs, based on the course offering, for learners who want to explore integral, dynamic learning opportunities in a relatively short time frame.

The Certificate Program Includes:

The SelfDesign Foundation offers two dynamic certificate programs, reflective of our dynamic approach to integral learning and consciousness, each one in an identified area of growth in today’s society. 


Each certificate is offered by faculty at the SelfDesign Graduate Institute.

Each certificate requires approximately 12 hours of online interaction / conversation via Zoom video conferencing (mentors set the exact number of hours and notify participants prior to commencement of instruction).

Participants help determine the timing of online sessions to match their schedules.

Assignments are relevant and focused on pre-reading related materials and journaling in preparation for online conversations.

Participants receive a graduation certificate upon completion of the sessions.


One-on-One Coaching

Participants may extend their learning on any topic or receive workplace or lifestyle coaching from session mentors at reasonable, hourly rates.

M.A. in SelfDesign

Online session hours may be applied as partial course credit upon enrolment in the SelfDesign Graduate Institute M.A. program.

"I have a better sense and understanding of my own growth and direction as a result of our 'SelfDesigning' conversations.”

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Course Offerings

Building Productive Teacher/Student Relationships in Alternative Schools

Building Productive Teacher/Student Relationships in Alternative Schools

Develop foundational knowledge and skills (understanding learning theory and how to facilitate learning environments that empower student learning through integration of the five learning portals: physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and spiritually) to meet your students’ unique learning needs in alternative school settings and facilitate their success in life.

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Certificate in Personalized Learning

Certificate in Personalized Learning

Learn about the fastest rising trend in education across North America today – Personalizing Learning. In this course learners will explore the roots and applications of Personalized Learning (PL), gain insights into what works most effectively in PL, and how it works, and develop approaches for applying PL in their professional settings.

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Certificate in Approaches to Holistic Special Education

Certificate in Approaches to Holistic Special Education

This Holistic Special Education Certificate will provide you with an initial understanding of holistic special education. This course will help you explore how you can empower your learner to be a self advocate who is self aware, self-determined and has the skills to design and meet their own life’s goals.

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