Elder Programs

Becoming an ‘elder’ is a great creative possibility for one’s journey through life.

Being an elder is one of the most profound opportunities for service that is available to human beings as well as a pathway into further development of the heart, mind, and soul.

In traditional cultures, the value of elders was evident to everyone, and elders were revered. In modernist cultures, the concept of elders was largely eliminated, replaced by the meme of seniors living out their ‘golden years’ largely in ‘retirement” and irrelevance.

The Elders Program of the SelfDesign Foundation will join other already existing efforts to invite and support the nurturing of elders.

Our Program will use the vehicle of the Internet to create personalized and intimate opportunities for learning about and growth into elderhood in relation to the following fundamental questions:

What does it mean to be an ‘elder’ as differentiated from a senior citizen or retiree?

What are the processes of self-inquiry and psychological and spiritual maturation that leads one into elderhood?

What is the nature of wisdom and how do I recognize and understand the wisdom I have gained from all the years of my life so far?

What is the specific path(s) of service that calls to me as an ‘elder’?

The Elders Program is currently in development. For more information, contact reneepoindexter@selfdesign.org