SelfDesigning My Elderhood

SelfDesigning My Elderhood is an online program that invites you to engage with the question of what it means to be an elder and explore your own meaning-making and insights.

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Of Aging and Elderhood

In pre-modern societies, elders drew on the insights and wisdom they had gained from life experience to offer guidance and leadership to their communities—and particularly to the younger members. Although aging just happens, elderhood emerges with profound evolutionary potential and we are challenged to participate.

SelfDesigning My Elderhood invites you to participate in five 90-minute conversations with a small group of 5-7 peers and a facilitator-participant. We ‘meet’ online via videochat (on Zoom or a similar app). The meetings are scheduled for the convenience of all participants.



“I loved the way that we could talk with each other openly, with trust and mutual respect. I felt cared for, heard, and appreciated.”

“I really value the opportunity to explore what being an elder means for me—and to hear what perspectives, insights, experiences, and questions other people had about elderhood.”

“By the end of the fifth session, I had articulated several ideas to myself for what I wanted to do next in my community to serve as an elder and really feel into what this means for my heart and soul.”

New sessions are forming now.

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Notable Quotes

What makes an elder, a heartfelt spirit, a clear mind, a talented heart, one who is young while old and old while young, an activist for the Soul?

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