SelfDesign Graduate Institute


The SelfDesign Graduate Institute is made possible through an Agency Agreement between the  SelfDesign Learning Foundation and the SelfDesign Foundation.

The fundamental belief within SelfDesign is that the more that human beings can discover and enact their own life designs and purposes, the more they will be able to contribute to the creation of a peaceful, sustainable global society on this planet.

Given this mission, our objectives include the following:

  • To nurture our learners as they gain greater access both to their inner knowing and their insight about how they want to selfdesign their learning and their lives;
  • To provide each learner with an ecology of foundational insights, understandings, and skills through our Core courses, with a focus on SelfDesign, epistemology, ontology, systems concepts, and learning in community;
  • To engage our learners in rigorous and challenging academic work that supports the learning plans they have selfdesigned and to provide careful mentoring through this process;
  • To engage our learners deeply as whole persons—body, heart, mind, and soul—as they selfdesign and engage in their program of learning; and
  • To support our learners as they use the knowledge, wisdom, and tools they gain in their program to make a positive difference in their world.

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute offers both Master of Arts and Certificate programs, both with low residency and online components.

You can find out more about these programs at