That’s a bold statement yet it’s entirely justified. From Maine to Marin County, British Columbia to Talahasee,Personalized Learning – or PL – is emerging as the most exciting and disruptive initiative in education since the inception of the Digital Revolution in the early 1990s. 
Progressive educators, administrators and counselors, business and community leaders, and parents and learners have been advocating on behalf of PL for many years.
During this time many pioneers have blazed the way while weathering storms and push-back from those who said educational change of this nature would never happen, for a basket of different reasons.
But what so many of us knew in our hearts and have long recognized is that the status quo of conventional schooling is simply no longer adequate to meet the needs emerging across our society.
We knew that change must come. And that we must nurture the learners of today – tomorrow’s citizens and leaders – in new ways that enable each of them to thrive. And thanks to research pouring in from neuroscience, psychology and education, and with assistance from IT, we have many of the answers taking shape in the guise of Personalized Learning that will help to ensure that each learner’s uniquely personal strengths and talents are optimized.

It’s a very exciting time and we invite you to join us in helping ‘nurture and launch the butterflies’ we know as the children and youth we serve, and that live in ourselves, too. In doing so we’ll be exploring and seeding the educational future so many of us have been yearning for.